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At UPT, we prioritize cautious and controlled cargo tank preparations. While the ultimate responsibility and decision-making rest with the pool member, our dedicated operations team members actively engage in assessing the need for tank washing. Whenever possible, we initiate discussions with shipowners and technical managers, offering our expertise in this area. By checking precise cargo specifications, we aim to avoid unnecessary cleaning, which not only saves on extra bunker consumption but also minimizes the generation of dirty washings. Through these efforts, we strive to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices within the shipping industry.

Route Optimization and Fuel Consumption Reduction

With the assistance of Columbia Group’s state-of-the-art POCR (Performance Optimisation and Control Room) tool, we actively monitor ships’ intended routes. Based on our comprehensive analysis, we collaborate with Captains to develop optimization plans that minimize fuel consumption and decrease overall mileage. By adopting these measures, we not only contribute to cost savings but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our environmental footprint. UPT is committed to embracing innovative technologies and leveraging data-driven insights to ensure sustainable operations across our fleet.

Paperless Operations

UPT takes pride in being at the forefront of digital transformation. Embracing sustainability, we have made significant strides towards becoming a paperless organization. In our office, we have achieved an impressive 98% reduction in paper usage. By leveraging advanced digital systems and technologies, we have streamlined our workflows, reduced administrative waste, and minimized our environmental impact. This commitment to paperless operations reflects our dedication to sustainability and our ongoing efforts to optimize resource consumption.

Diversity and Inclusion

At UPT, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We actively foster an inclusive work environment where individuals from various social, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds can thrive. Within our team, we have team members representing diverse nationalities, including Cypriot, Greek, Swedish, Russian, German, Ukrainian, and Indian. By respecting and accepting one another, we have successfully formed a strong and cohesive team that benefits from the unique experiences and perspectives everyone brings based on their identity and background. This inclusive approach not only enriches our organizational culture, but also enhances our problem-solving abilities and decision-making processes.