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UPT is a longstanding member of the Columbia Group and can thus offer clients the full spectrum of the COLUMBIA integrated maritime services and logistics platform, including the state-of-the-art Performance Optimization and Control Room (POCR), which provides the highest rate of optimization and efficiency when it comes to vessels and shore operations under 24/7 monitoring. This does also include energy management, emission compliance monitoring and CII data collection which will allow vessels compliance with all upcoming regulatory changes.

Leveraging a wide network of 50+ ship management offices, representative offices, crewing agencies and training centres, the Columbia Group service clients within similar time zones and provide high level of support to diverse fleet and crew trading worldwide.

Columbia collaborates with partner companies to provide a wide range of additional services including catering, independent procurement services, waste management.


The commitment of UPT to the development of new solutions and continuous improvement has led us to fully embrace the digital revolution. Through our close collaboration with the leading POCR, UPT can provide more cost-efficient, sustainable services and grants our clients closer control of their assets.

The Performance Optimisation Control Room (POCR) was developed to underline Columbia Group’s digitalisation strategy and offer various benefits for more cost-efficient services. The POCR monitors its clients’ fleets 24/7 and offers features such as route, speed and fuel optimisation, energy management, emission compliance monitoring and various aspects of commercial optimisation. The POCR enables its clients to have full transparency and visibility of their vessels’ operations and allows them to achieve levels of cost-savings, efficiencies, and economies of scale. 


Quality, safety, sustainability and economic sense are of core importance to UPT and we are proud to be collaborating with UFS to provide our clients with bunkers in about 490 ports with about 350 different selected sellers/suppliers.

United Fuel Services (UFS) exclusively purchases all fuel requirements for our vessels. The UFS role differs from the usual role of a broker as the company does not require commission from suppliers/sellers. Instead, it forwards the net prices and the bunker bill directly to the end-user for settlement.