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The commitment of UPT to the development of new solutions and continuous improvement has led us to fully embrace the digital revolution. Through our close collaboration with the leading POCR, UPT is able to provide more cost-efficient, sustainable services and grants our clients closer control of their assets.

The Performance Optimisation Control Room (POCR) was developed to underline Columbia Group’s digitalisation strategy and offer various benefits for more cost-efficient services. The POCR monitors its clients’ fleets 24/7 and offers features such as route, speed and fuel optimisation, energy management, emission compliance monitoring and various aspects of commercial optimisation. The POCR enables its clients to have full transparency and visibility of their vessels’ operations and allows them to achieve levels of cost-savings, efficiencies and economies of scale. The features of the POCR are modular and can be set up according to the client’s needs. The POCR does not require a pre-existing business relationship with Columbia to be a client and is available for any operator in the maritime industry. End-to-end voyage optimisation starting from before the voyage begins to checking the planned route and providing suggestions, monitoring throughout the voyage, and providing post-voyage analytics upon conclusion.

  *   Traffic light system with alarms capability for monitoring of route and speed deviations, consumptions, and destination.

  *   Safety and security monitoring in high-risk areas through geo-fencing of zones and the ability to create custom ones for other purposes (sandbanks, shipwrecks, marine protected areas, etc.).

  *   Use of modern technology (artificial intelligence and IoT) to identify data trends and anomalies to be able to take proactive actions to improve vessel performance.

  *   Support operators with sea-going experience can serve the vessels and customers on a 24/7/365 basis.