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At UPT we maximize the potential of what we can accomplish for all of our business partners, by combining our resources. We stand together stronger because of pools, which provide lower costs, ongoing optimization, and higher overall profitability.

When working with us, you gain access to our extensive global network, which includes shipowners, commodity traders, and major oil companies from all over the world. With the help of our up-to-date fleet, solid business acumen, and skilled staff, we serve our clients in all of their domestic and international operations.

UPT has formed a strong partnership network, to provide its customers with professional commercial tanker management services. The commitment to the development of new solutions and continuous improvement has also led us to fully embrace the digital revolution.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared for reporting of our commercial and financial performance.



Τhrough intelligent trading strategies and modern IT-platforms.

Global Cargo Access

Direct and close contact to major players of the industry.

Low Cash Commitment

Due to a Working Capital finance facility.

Cash Income

Regular monthly cash distribution of income.

Regular Reporting

Open book reporting and audited results.


Third-party pool assessment and fleet performance monitoring.

Bunker Procurement

Competitive, safe and sustainable bunker operations focused on Bunker quality and accessibility.

Bi-annual pool meetings

For added value exchange of information and networking.

We know how Ship Owners think.

Since we come from a ship owning background, we can appreciate an owner’s perspective. We serve both sides of the customer spectrum. This includes one of our main objectives – we aim to maximize the employment of our clients’ vessels, while minimizing costs.

Group power.

UPT is a longstanding member of the Columbia Group and can thus offer clients the full spectrum of the COLUMBIA integrated maritime services and logistics platform, including the state-of-the-art Performance Optimization and Control Room (POCR), which provides the highest rate of optimization and efficiency when it comes to vessels and shore operations under 24/7 monitoring. This does also include energy management, emission compliance monitoring and CII data collection which will allow vessels compliance with all upcoming regulatory changes.

Cloud based.

UPT has built up a modern cloud based commercial management platform which interconnects all of its fleet operations and services provided to clients. This allows UPT to operate in an efficient and transparent way which is creating added value to all its partner.


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