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Quality, safety, sustainability and economic sense are of core importance to UPT and we are proud to be collaborating with UFS to provide our clients with bunkers in about 490 ports with about 350 different sellers/suppliers.

UFS exclusively purchases all fuel requirements for vessels belonging to these shipping companies, as well as for other third party companies. The group’s diversified fleet is strong, with a combined size of approximately 650 vessels. Acting as the owner’s sole representative in the marketplace, UFS is sourcing products and services for the accounts of the various individual shipping companies. The UFS role differs from the usual role of a broker as the company does not require commission from suppliers/sellers. Instead, it forwards the net prices and the bunker bill directly to the end-user for settlement.

  *   Holistic thinking partner, considering all owner and operator matters to optimise your bunkering expenses.

  *   Established partner in the global marine fuel industry, networking with all suppliers, traders, laboratories and relevant NGOs.

  *   Matchmaker – bringing the right people together for the best services around your vessel.

  *   Quality, performance, and price will provide additional value to the procurement process for vessels.

  *   Transparent and dedicated marine fuel procurement with a fully-trained team available 24/7.